The Top 10 Trends Driving Marketing In 2018

With 2018 just a few days away, it would be interesting to have a closer look at the main trends that will drive marketing as far as the next year is concerned. While some like content marketing, big data and analytics and email marketing and marketing automation will continue to grow, there will be more focus towards integration as the theme as far as 2018 is concerned. This is because only 6% feel that it has been completely optimized. We will now look at ways by which integration will be done.

  1. Customer Lifecycle & Marketing Activity Integration

As digital marketing and conventional marketing becomes more and complicated, more and more companies will be looking towards journey mapping of customers. This will help in coming out with the right communications and also look at various touch points in the journey of customers.


  1. Integration Of Personalization Into Customer Experience

If you wish to increase the response and relevance of communications, you must certainly move more towards website personalization especially when you are an ecommerce platform. The website design should be such that it enhances customer experience and delight rather than just making him buy some products or services.

  1. Marketing Information & Machine Learning

Email communications certainly have a life cycle and here to personalization can be applied quite intelligently. Though email marketing continues to be quite effective, not many people are able to effectively manage machines which help them to be in touch with the customers for the entire lifecycle. Hence having the right tools in place for segmentation, contact and feedbacks could help a lot.

  1. Communications & Social Messaging Apps

Today use of different types of messaging apps is becoming popular especially when there is a need to reach thousands of customers. The use of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is quite widespread and it would be a good idea to adapt these messaging platforms and leverage them more effective for commercial purposes.

  1. Content Marketing & Customer Engagement

Content still continues to play a big role as far as customer engagement is concerned. However, the concept of content is changing and today one needs to have an intelligent combination of text content, audio content and video content. This will ensure better customer engagement.


  1. Content Marketing Integrated To Search Marketing

Search marketing continues to be dominant and even today social media marketing continues to lag behind when compared to this form of marketing. When we talk about effective search marketing, we need to factor the latest changes to algorithms of big search engines like Google and must factor things like Panda and Penguin.

  1. Integrated Marketing Technology

When we talk about effective marketing trends we need to understand the importance of integrating various forms of digital marketing and using them either in silos or in ways that are complementary to one another. This will yield much better results.

  1. Data Sources Integration

Today we have consumer data available all over the place whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail and so on. To be effective in marketing, there is a need to integrate all the data and have them available in one place.

marketing trends

  1. Digital Marketing Insight Integration

When we talk about digital marketing in its entirety we have to take into account various factors including free and paid sources of insight without which the right marketing strategy may not be possible.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Finally using AI as a tool for effective internet marketing is becoming quite a necessity today. It will help in effectively marketing products and services across the lifecycle of the customers.

Author Bio : David is a Marketer first and Geek second. He cut his teeth on direct response marketing way back in the early 2000′s. Since then he’s become, more or less “the secret weapon” the biggest marketers in Australia sneak through the back door to create Websites That Sell, set up Multi Million Dollars Launches and Create Profitable Online Marketing Systems.

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