5 Tips To Operate A Successful Transportation Company

With the increasing democratization of modes of transport and increased mobility, jobs in this sector are on the rise. But beware, this is a highly competitive environment. Moreover, the number of transport companies created is steadily increasing. So that you can start with peace of mind, this post put at your disposal a practical guide intended to help you to set up or successfully manage a transport company.

Set Up A Passenger Transport Company

If competition is tough between taxi and VTC, these two trades centered on the transport of people nevertheless have good days in front of them.

If you are looking to create this type of business or successfully manage an existing one. If you are more tempted by the creation of a VTC company, you are not left out:

This extremely comprehensive article lists and details each of the steps necessary to create your business as a VTC. From the realization of the financial forecast to the choice of the legal status of your company.

According to Metakomiseis Kavala to float a successful transportation company you need an in-depth knowledge and guidance requisite to manage it to optimal expectation. This is an extremely competitive market, so it is important to be thoroughly informed before you venture into it:

1.) Drafting The Statutes Of The Transportation Company

To create your transport company, you must first write the articles about your company. These contain all of its organizational and operating rules and vary according to your needs and the social form you choose: SAS, SASU, SARL or EURL.

If you are unsure about choosing your legal form, take the time to compare the different options available to you with a comparative chart of legal forms.

2.) Deposit Of Social Capital To The Bank

You must create a business account at the bank on behalf of your transport company, and deposit the cash portion of its capital (cash contribution).

Do not hesitate to approach several banks to get the best deals!

In return, the banker will give you a certificate of deposit of the share capital.

3.) Sending A Registration Dossier To Government Vehicle Testing Agency

This registration form will include a declaration of good repute (page 8 and 9 of the form) and a certificate of financial capacity with the stamp of an accountant/auditor/approved management center (page 10 and 11 of the form).

After checking the conditions of access to the profession, and the correct information of the information requested on the form above, the agency will send you a certificate of pre-registration.

Count on a delay of two to three weeks!

transportation agency

4.) Registration Of Your Transport Company

Registration of the company involves several steps:

  • Write and publish the announcement of the creation of your company in a newspaper.
  • Registration of your statutes (free) at the Business Tax Department.
  • The constitution of the file of registration of your company: statutes signed and initialed, certificate of deposit of the funds, proof of domicile (registered office), certified copy in conformity with the original certificate on the honor of non-condemnation of a prohibition to manage by the company director.
  • The filing of the registration file at the registry of the Commercial Court (about €50).
  • Transport capacities are considered as artisans. The registry will normally send your file to the Chamber of Trades and Crafts so that you are registered in the Directory of Trades.

5.) Your Dossier With The Government Car Testing Agency To Finalize Transport Company

All you have to do is fill in your registration form with the agency, with a paper explaining that it is the documents allowing complete your file and a copy of your interim certificate.

This shipment will allow you to be registered in the national electronic register of road transport companies and/or the register of freight forwarders. The agency will then send you your final license and true copies, which will be presented in case of control during your activity.

Apart from conveying humans, goods, and services, car rental services is another aspect of the transportation business. This is a very lucrative business for those wishing to open their car rental agency. The following should form a good prospective overview:

Customer prospection, marketing plan, choice of premises.

We hope you find these guides useful and that they will help you set up your transport business.

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