Tips On Washing Your SUV

Washing an SUV can be a daunting task – it’s a big vehicle to begin with which means it can take more time. Are you washing your car to get the vehicle ready for detailing or are you washing the sports utility vehicle just to bring the shine back? These handy tips will help you on your journey:

  • Use a detergent that specifically made for your car. Vehicle paint can be sensitive and using the wrong detergents with too many additives can lead to the paint losing colour and becoming dull.
  • Use a clean washing mitt / towel / sponge. It goes without saying if you use dirty tools for the job you’re only adding dirt back on to the car – it can also damage the paint work.
  • Was your car in direct sunlight or in hot weather. If your SUV dries naturally the detergents and shampoos can leave marks on your paint work as well as extruding parts such as you exhausts, mirrors, bumpers and arches. Use a dry, lint free and pristine towel to do the drying. We advise to wash SUVs in the shade, because they’re bigger cars it takes longer to wash and longer for you to dry them yourself.

Now that you’ve got the basics ready it’s time to wash the SUV. We recommend using two buckets to wash and not just one. A wash bucket and a rinse bucket.


As you wash the vehicle the water in the wash bucket will start to get more and more dirty and you run the risk of using dirty water to wash the car. Stick to the one bucket for phase 1, then when you’re taking the wash mitt / sponge back use the rinse to clean it out. This stops the dirty from the car going right back on it.

Wash the wheels and detailing with a specifically made cleaner agent, don’t use paintwork shampoos for the wheels. Typically, your wheels will be made of alloy or chrome and these will need special attention if you hope to have them shine for you.

Once the SUV is washed, it’s time to dry it out. As we mentioned above we recommend doing this in the shade, if that wasn’t possible now’s the time to move the car to the shade so you can hand dry every inch for a flawless finish.

Start by using a water blade to get the excess water off the car otherwise your drying towel is going to get soaked which will be no good. Once the excess water is off it’s time to show your SUV some live with a thick microfibre towel, take our time to cover every single inch so you don’t leave any marks.

After washing your SUV car, apply the car polish onto your car. It will make your car shinning as new. That’s all there is to it!

We hope these tips have helped, why not send us in your pics of your freshly cleaned SUV, we may end up showcasing it in this very article!

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