8 Helpful Tips For Moving Office

Moving to a new office space is a mammoth task and requires a lot of planning. There are a lot of items you need to tick off your checklist. With these ten tips, you can ensure that your move goes smoothly.

1. Start Planning Before The Time

Make sure you start the planning process prematurely, deciding who will be doing precisely what and how it should be done. A move can be hectic, and it’s not a good idea to start scrambling on the day of the move and not do things systematically. Also, consider your budget, so you’ll know exactly what you have to pay.

2. Appoint A Move Overseer

Even if you are splitting the work, it’s still vital to designate the move details to a move manager who can oversee every step of the move and make sure everything goes according to plan.

3. Dispense Everyone The Chore Of Packing Their Own Desks

Even if you have a removal company that takes care of the significant items, it can be a significant help if everyone is in charge of packing their own desk space. Set a date by when all the desks need to be packed by to avoid last-minute packing.

4. Research To Find A Qualified Moving Company

It’s always a sensible idea to research Cookson Removals Blackpool companies and compare quotes of at least three short-list candidates to find the best removal company for the job. Moving office can become expensive, that’s why you need to make the right choice. Consider making use of a full-service moving company if you have the budget for it since they can assist you with packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking.  Get a few recommendations to ensure you are hiring a company with an excellent track record.

5. Don’t Overlook IT

One of the significant issues associated with moving to a new office space is disconnection and reconnection of all your office tech. Make sure you liaise with your IT department the date of the move and draft a strategy on when your official technical equipment will be transferred. This typically includes servers, phones, computers, data, and internet plans.

6. Updating Company Documents

It’s recommended to start updating your company documents with your new address as soon as you can. Make sure you order stationery like your letterhead, envelopes, business cards, return labels, invoice books, etc. as soon as you know the new address.

7. Make Sure You Are Labeling Boxes Efficiently And Appropriately

Labeling of boxes is critical, particularly when you’re moving to a new office. To maintain operations running smoothly during and after your move, it’s sensible to label each box carefully, so you’ll know where items like toner or printer paper are once you get to the new place.

8. Make Sure Everything Is Going To Fit

Instead of wasting energy, money and time on transporting bulky items which are not going to fit in the new space, make sure you get the dimensions of your most significant items and compare them to the measurements of the new location. Hopefully, you are moving to a new office that has sufficient space for all your existing tech and furniture.

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