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STP Vs Fram Air filter – Which One Should You Choose?

The air filter is a small but essential part of your car. The STP and Fram Air Filter are two options you can choose from when upgrading your engine’s airflow. Many people are unaware of the differences between STP and Fram Air Filter.

Which one is better? Well, that depends on what kind of car you have and how often you want to do the work. This blog post will be comparing two air filters that are both great at filtering out dust and dirt but have a few differences. One of the most critical features is price.

A Fram filter will cost you about $20-$30, while an STP filter costs around $14-$17 for the same size. The second difference is that STP filters do not require oiling as Fram does. You can find more information on each type of filter in this article.

Here is how they measure up against each other! Have a look. 

All You Need To Know About STP Air Filter

The STP Air Filter is a high-quality, low-cost replacement for your vehicle’s original equipment. It features an electrostatically charged media that attracts and captures dirt particles from the engine’s intake air stream. This prevents them from entering the engine and causing damage.

The STP Air Filter is designed with a bypass valve to open when the pressure differential across it exceeds approximately 12 psi (83 kPa). This ensures adequate airflow into your engine at all times while preventing undue strain on your vehicle’s cooling system.

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All you need to know about Fram Air Filter

Fram Air Filters are designed to fit most cars, trucks, and SUVs. They’re made with a sturdy metal wire mesh that’s electrostatically charged for maximum dirt-holding capacity. The oil-free design means they won’t clog up like paper filters or need constant maintenance like foam filters. Plus, the unique accordion pleats provide extra surface area for increased airflow and filtration efficiency.

A Research and Development team has helped us ensure that this air filter is now protecting engines two times better than other brands. Moreover, there is no maintenance required before 12,000 miles, which is beneficial when you see no significant acceleration loss.

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Which is a better air filter- STP or Fram?

Fram and STP are two of the most popular brands in the automotive industry. But which one is better? Let’s look at some key differences between these filters to see if we can find an answer.

STP Air Filter

Less durable than Fram 

STP Air Filters are not as durable and can wear out quickly. The STP air filter is made of a paper material, which can be easily torn and punctured. If you’re looking for an air filter, be sure to choose one that will last longer than your average car air filter.


Buying STP air filters doesn’t cause a dent in your pocket. It is cheaper to buy in comparison to Fram. Also, there is not much improvement in the quality and performance levels of STP. Plus, there are other benefits like better fuel efficiency and increased horsepower!

It does not require oiling as Fram does

If you have an STP Air Filter for the cars, it will never require oiling as Fram Air Filters do. This means less maintenance and more time to enjoy driving!

Utilizes Micro-pore technology

The STP Air Filter utilizes Micro-pore technology that captures 99.9% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, mold spores, and dust mites. It’s also been tested against some of the most common allergens like ragweed and found to be effective at capturing these particles too!

ISO tested

STP Air Filter is an ISO-tested product that will keep your car running smoothly and efficiently, so it’s perfect for long road trips or everyday driving. It also comes with a lifetime warranty!

Fram Air Filter

Last longer than STP 

Fram Air Filter will last longer than STP Air Filter. Fram Air Filters are made with a synthetic blend of oil and cotton that filters out particles as small as 10 microns, while the STP filters use only paper. This means that Fram Air Filters can trap more dirt and dust, and they’ll last much longer too!


Fram filters are more expensive than STP air filters because they have a higher quality and last longer. They also filter out more particles in the air, which is better for your car’s engine and fuel efficiency.

It gives double protection to the engine.

The Fram Air Filter is a revolutionary product that provides double protection for your engine. It filters the air coming in and out of your vehicle, ensuring that it’s clean and free from debris. This means better performance and less wear on your engine.

Requires Oiling 

Unlike STP air filters, a Fram air filter requires oiling. To maintain your Fram air filter, it needs to be oiled every so often with a particular type of lubricant called “air filter oil.” This will ensure that the Fram air filter does not become clogged with dirt and dust particles.

Known for its acceleration and horsepower 

Fram Air Filter is a high-performance air filter that delivers excellent acceleration and horsepower. With this filter installed, you’ll be able to enjoy better gas mileage and more power, as well as increased protection against dirt particles entering your engine.

Bottom Line 

Fram and STP are both great brands of filters. They have different features that make them better suited to certain types of cars. Fram is the more popular brand, but it’s also more expensive than STP.

Fram air filters cost about 20% more than STP filters, so it will make sense to go with the Fram filter if money isn’t an issue. Also, Fram lasts longer (about 50% longer) than STPs, so this could be a good option if you’re worried about replacing your filter too often.

If you want an affordable option, then go with STP. But if your car has a turbocharger or nitrous oxide system, then Fram is the best choice for you because it can handle higher airflow rates without getting clogged up as quickly as other filters do.