Why You Need Dumpster Rental Services?

When it comes to waste management, homeowners face big problems on how to engage in proper disposal. Some try to avoid the charges they would incur in engaging professionals, going the DIY-way. Others are oblivious of how their disposal methods are harmful to the environment.

However, according to homeowners, there’s no excuse for mismanaging wastes. So many dumpster rental companies exist in the city. Besides, New Hanover County has a landfill open to all residents. Nevertheless, it is more difficult for them to dispose of waste on their own.


Homeowners have access to many options to choose from for waste removal. However, the implications of such an endeavor may not be pleasant for them and the environment in the end. Therefore, the need to rent dumpsters when the need arises goes without saying. Here are four top reasons to hire dumpsters:

Top 4 Benefits of Hiring Local Dumpster Rental Services

  1. Saves Money

Homeowners prefer to get rid of waste using hired or personal pick-up trucks. However, when the amount of waste is gigantic, that option would require more trips compared to using dumpsters. Calculating the costs, dumpsters use would be less costly.

Also, New Hanover County charges residents for disposal of materials such as construction and demolition debris at their landfill. Consequently, residents may end up spending more if they engage in the DIY waste disposal. Therefore, dumpsters rental can help save costs.


  1. Saves Time

The option of using pick-up trucks is not just costly regarding money. Loading and offloading a pick-up many times would be time-consuming for a homeowner. Moreover, the process of renting a pick-up requires time to negotiate prices, take it, use it, and return it.

Disposing wastes the DIY way also requires homeowners to do a lot of research. First, they need to differentiate between hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Also, they need to research on the County’s website to be sure of the hazardous wastes the landfill accepts. That takes time.

Ignorance of waste disposal regulations may also waste time. For example, residents not aware of the kinds of wastes that landfills accept may end up taking them for disposal. Upon arrival, the administration would reject the waste, leading to time wastage.

Renting dumpsters is the best time-saving solution for waste disposal. Professional companies renting dumpsters know the rules of the game well. They possess the knowledge for safe and quick waste disposal. Engaging them would save homeowners the time ignorance would cost.


  1. Is An Environmentally Conscious Act

Some homeowners may choose to dump their wastes illegally at the County landfill. That’s not only risky but also harmful to the environment. Instead of taking such a risk, homeowners can get free information on how to dispose of their waste properly from companies hiring dumpsters.

  1. Choice On Hiring

When choosing a company to rent dumpsters, make sure it is reputable and offers good services without hidden charges. Also, be sure to hire only local companies to avoid extra transportation charges. Look for companies with a variety of dumpster sizes to suit existing needs.

If you’re looking for local dumpster rental Wilmington services, contact us to find out more about our containers.

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