What You Need to Know: Knowing the Best Time to Sue After a Car Accident

Dealing with accidents will take a lot of your time and will also be a burden to your life. If you’ve ever gotten into a car accident, you’ll find yourself dealing with the driver involved in the accident, doctors, lawyers, and insurance companies. And, you’ll often be dealing with this process without your damaged car.


Further, the effect of car accidents can be stressful and can lead to significant consequences such as paying a considerable amount of money on repairs. In severe situations, you’ll find yourself thinking, when could you sue the other driver after the accident for you to receive a sufficient amount of compensation for your recovery.


Since car accident cases bring plenty of questions to the one who’s affected and the one who caused it, informal negotiations can happen. But, if you want to receive proper justice and compensation, you can opt for a formal court proceeding. Below are a few tips to help you decide when is the best time to sue after a car accident.

Document Everything For Evidence

Insurance claims, as well as lawsuits, can continue or be dropped if you don’t have evidence to present. You have to keep in mind that every accident will need to be documented for you to have proof of how much harm you’ve received during and after the accident.

Having this crucial element will help you decide whether or not you should sue the other driver, which will also give you an idea of the amount of compensation you will receive.

Get a Car Accident Attorney

The smartest way to settle an insurance claim, a lawsuit or both is by having a car accident attorney to represent you. Lawyers will help you gain more leverage during negotiations as well as help you receive the maximum amount of compensation in lawsuits.

Another reason why you should get a car accident attorney is that they know the law. Knowing the law would help you gain an advantage because lawyers are experienced when it comes to describing the facts and evidence in a supportive and unambiguous manner.

There are a lot of reputable law firms out there that would fight for the rights of car accident victims. Following this, the inquiring a reputable law firm doesn’t necessarily have to be in your area. You can also request a car accident attorney in Los Angeles. These car accident lawyers will strive to take care of you as best as they can to make lawsuit easier for you.

Decide Whether or Not You will Sue After a Car Accident

Collecting evidence and consulting your attorney are all things you’ll need before you decide to proceed with the informal negotiations or to bring it to the court. Here are a few things you have to consider during the process:

You Can’t Always Trust Insurance Companies

Car accident disputes are settled in both the drivers’ insurance companies through an insurance claim. The insurance companies are paid to represent your interests during such accidents. However, some companies often don’t give you the right settlement.

The other driver who caused the accident might attempt to deceive you and your insurance company to save the highest amount of money possible. The other driver will also be doing their part to compensate you the lowest amount of money they can. In addition, insurance companies will also do their best to save as much money as possible.

Estimate Your Total Economic and Non-Economic Damages

Insurance companies will try to give you the lowest settlement possible. You and your attorney should discuss the potential economic damages such as property and medical expenses. And, non-economic damages such as pain, suffering, emotional distress, and punitive damages.

Your goal is to recover the amount of money you spent on these damages and to receive a significant amount of compensation for yourself after the accident. If in any way you felt that you had received immense physical and mental pain, you should file a lawsuit and sue the other driver that caused the accident.


You should always think about the significant amount of physical and mental harm you’ve experienced when you decide to sue after a car accident. Economic losses such as damage to your property lost wages, and medical expenses is a considerable expense. In addition, non-economic damage such as pain, suffering, emotional distress, and punitive damages can scar you for life.

You have to keep in mind that filing a claim with the insurance company or suing the other driver is a stressful and complicated matter. Having a reliable car accident attorney will help you receive justice after the accident.

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