Fog Lights For Your Ford

Fog lights are designed to enable drivers to drive through the worst weather conditions. Unlike regular lights usually reflected in the driver’s eyes when the weather is challenging, fog lights are comfortable to use on a misty or foggy day. Dust and sand particles can never reduce drivers’ visibility with fog lights on.

All car spare parts shops stock Ford fog lights for sale. Although they are of different shapes, colors, and sizes, it is advisable to know everything about fog lights as a car owner.


Just like many other cars, Ford cars have regular lights control separate from the fog lights control. Depending on the maker of the car, buttons can be used to activate the rear or the front fog lights. Some types of Ford cars use collars on the light stalk, turning them back and forth to operate the lights.

Fog lights are not designed to be used all the time. Use regular lights when driving under clear and normal conditions. Whether the weather is foggy or misty, snowy or rainy, regular lights can be used. Foggy lights can also be used on dusty roads or those with loose chips to increase visibility.

With fog lights on during a bad weather day, the driver can spot roadway edges. It is possible to miss the road edge and cause an accident when visibility is severely affected. Fog lights make driving easier even on a day with the worst weather as long as low speeds are maintained.

Quality fog lamps produce a wide beam of selective yellow light or white light on the ground. With a huge beam of light on the ground, the driver can be able to focus and stay on the road despite the prevailing weather conditions.


Unlike regular lights, fog lights aren’t meant to illuminate a bright beam of light on the road. Drive within the right speeds because drivers can only see what is right in front of them. It isn’t possible to see further down the road. However, it’s important for drivers to get off the road with ease if necessary.

If the fuse blows, the relay is bad, or the bulb is completely burned out, fog lights stop working. A qualified mechanic can determine the fault on the lights and its cause. Before replacing the lamp, the vehicle’s lighting system is inspected and repaired before the lamp is replaced.


Fog lights are special lights only used if a driver cannot see for more than 100 meters. Do not turn off the lights if the road is slightly misty. The lights are not designed for lighting the way but improving visibility.

Invisible roads or those with poor visibility are likely to be slippery. Visibility isn’t of use if safety is not observed; drive at low speeds and maintain a safe distance from other road users. Switch of fog lights whenever bad weather clears because it can dazzle other road users.

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