Find The Perfect Moving Company In 5 Simple Steps

Do you feel transitioning to a new career in a new city is a tough job? Not many people look beyond the nest for employment. Starting life in never before visited cities means unveiling a host of hidden opportunities. Millions of families are moving every year, and it’s a miracle that they are being transferred safely along with their valued belongings. Thanks to the Movers who make it happen seamlessly.

Moving Company

Perfect Moving Company Provides Perfect Moving Quotes

If you are one of those professionals starting a new life in the new city and looking for a reputed moving company, then here are a few things to consider before getting a quote from them.

  1. Inventory

A reputed and experienced moving company will never provide a quote without taking inventory and determining the bulk and weight of the move. Remember, while taking inventory; usually, the company never spares any storage space in your home including cupboards and garages. Remember approximation of the quote is always dependent on the weight and space are taken by your inventory in the mover’s truck.

  1. Avoid Giving Large Deposits

Avoid Giving Large Deposits

A reputed moving company will never ask a large sum of deposit in advance. Make sure to pay only after moving or upon delivery to the new place. Whenever possible engage in online payment or pay using a credit card to ensure optimum security and proof of the payment.

  1. Ensure The Company Is Properly Licensed

If possible, ask or check if the moving company is properly licensed or not. Often the moving companies are issued license number by the United States Department of Transportation. On the contrary, moving companies operating within the state are licensed by the state bodies and not by the US Department of Transportation. Avoid companies operating under different names. If possible, search online about complaints and other issues company is involved into.

  1. Prefer A Company Providing Liability Coverage

Before accepting a quote ensure all your belongings are covered for any mishap or tragedies occurring at the time of relocation. A reputed moving company provides multiple liability coverage options. Remember an interstate moving company provides two major types of liability coverage – Full Value Protection and Released Value Protection.

Prefer A Company Providing Liability Coverage

  • Full Value Protection: In this type of coverage the moving company is liable for providing the entire value of lost or damaged goods in transition. The cost of full value protection usually differs according to the mover.
  • Released Value Protection: This is the most economical coverage provided by the moving company as you do not have to pay additional charges to get this coverage. Nevertheless, the protection offered is minimal as under this coverage the liability of movers is not more than 60 cents per pound of inventory.
  1. Stay Away From Guaranteed Quote

There are three major moving quotes :

  • Non-Binding Estimate: Means the company will not ask for more than 10% amount above the original estimate. However, all overage need to be paid within 30 days of the delivery.
  • Non-Binding to Exceed Estimate: Means you do not have to be obliged for paying any overages above estimated price. Remember, in this quote the estimate provided is the maximum requiring you to pay for all the services rendered.
  • Binding Estimate: Means the moving company will provide a guaranteed quote for moving excluding additional services. Remember, you need to pay the additional costs for any extra services you ask from the moving company within 30 days of the delivery.
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