What are some of the best used car dealers in the UK?

Several factors to consider before purchasing a vehicle, including how much money it will cost you. This is one of the main reasons people purchase a used automobile rather than a new one. Consider the pros and disadvantages before deciding whether to buy a used automobile, even from a reputable dealership, such as the lower price tag. As a result of the present pandemic and the tendency to put everything online, our purchase habits are changing dramatically. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and laptops, may now be used to purchase various things, including used autos. For a long time, online shoppers could only buy clothing and shoes.

Buying a car online may seem unusual at first (after all, aren’t their showrooms and test drives involved? But the process is rather easy.

On social media platforms like Facebook and eBay, there is a lot of activity linked to buying used automobiles. Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to begin buying a used automobile online; we’ve created a list of the most trustworthy used car websites and online marketplaces. Below, we will explore the most popular used vehicle buying dealers in the United Kingdom.

best used car dealers

Auto Coin Cars

Auto Coin Cars have been the dominant player in the used automobile industry for many years. This website has become the most popular in the UK because of its use of cutting-edge online technology and its capacity to draw in the largest listing of used automobiles across the country, even though it stopped publishing in print in 2013. In addition, it offers brand-new vehicles for many makes and models, albeit they may not be immediately available for purchase.

The largest UK-used vehicle classifieds site is the web site’s major USP. As a result, it’s a common starting point for used-car buyers. As a general rule, automobiles that appear on other websites will also display on Auto Trader; however, many Auto Trader cars don’t appear on other websites.

To narrow their options, buyers can sort by many criteria, such as vehicle size, fuel type, economy, and emissions. It’s also possible to narrow your search by monthly payment, which has become increasingly important as the PCP payment plan has replaced the traditional down payment. Remember that the monthly payments displayed in the financing are simply samples and may need considerable upfront deposits to meet the monthly payments.

Customers may pick their criteria based on practicality, affordability, road tax, and creature comforts by using eye-catching visuals on, which was first to market with the opportunity to see by monthly installments.

Various franchised and independent merchants from across the UK supply the inventory. Only a small number of people are selling their goods privately. Buyers may also list their vehicles for free on the website for up to four weeks.

With beautiful visuals, and well-organized parameters such as price, practicality, and interiors, setting search filters is simple. Customers may use this tool to help them a price and market their vehicles. To help you make a more informed decision, Motors provides automobile reviews just like Autotrader. On the other hand, these might be deceptive because they typically refer to an earlier model even though the image displayed is for the most recent one. From private sellers to licensed dealerships, buyers come from all walks of life (though the latter are few and far between).

Oakwood Auto

You can find a range of used cars and vans at a reasonable price at Oakwood Autos. It is their job to assist you in finding the ideal vehicle. Oakwood Auto Centre has been open for a year at its current site, but the company has been in business for over a decade and has 25 years of expertise. They have a wide range of expertise in the automobile industry. Oakwood Auto Centre is a one-stop shop for all your vehicle’s needs, and they treat your vehicle as if it were their own. There is a wide range of services available at Oakwood Auto Centre. They provide anything from oil changes to tyre installations. Furthermore, they can complete bodywork, an area in which they excel, and may restore your car to showroom condition by applying full-body paint to certain areas of the vehicle.

Oakwood Auto



Motorpoint is a chain of 17 retail locations in the UK, and it’s online. Nearly new autos come with a guarantee from this dealership. Motorpoint vows not to be outshone by the competition when it comes to used automobiles.

The ‘browse automobiles’ option takes you to a screen with several options, including car models, body types (4x4s, automatics), monthly payments (how much), and ‘Economical driving’ (low cost, high mpg, or hybrids).

An image of each automobile is provided, along with information on how much it costs to buy it outright or how much it will cost you each month to finance it. By selecting ‘full details for your preferred model, you’ll be shown additional images, both inside and outside, and a list of features.

The providing dealer should be consulted before making a final decision, as some information is based on official manufacturer data. Again, it’s a good idea to check if any automobiles on the lot were rented or leased. The cost of reserving any automobile is £99 when done online.

Former Sun journalist Ken Gibson contributes a humorous auto review segment. However, there may be an internal delivery cost for automobiles traveling between retailers. A 14-day money-back guarantee helps ensure you are satisfied with your acquisition.

The vast majority of cars (more than 90 percent ) are sourced from franchised and independent dealers across the UK, although it remains a popular site for private sellers to advertise their cars.




As a newbie, Carsnip intends to revolutionize the online sale of used vehicles. Other used vehicle listings don’t operate quite like this one, which bills itself as the “UK’s largest search engine for used automobiles.”

Carsnip is essentially Google for secondhand cars. Similar to other classified websites, you may search for a car by brand or vehicle type and get the results you’re looking for. Instead of going directly to Carsnip’s listings, you are redirected to the dealer’s website rather than the Carsnip listings page when you click on a model. If you’re looking at many automobiles from various dealerships, you’re cutting out the middleman and making your search easier, but it might get a little complicated.

In exchange for promoting the vehicles that dealers advertise on the site, Oodle, an auto finance firm, owns the site and makes money by arranging to finance those vehicles. Like Auto Trader or Motors, dealers do not pay to promote their vehicles on the site; instead, they receive a commission on the auto loans they sell. Of course, using it as a search engine does not need you to get into any financing deal.