7 Helpful Tips To Consider When Buying A New Forklift

Choosing the right equipment for your company can have a significant impact on the operating costs, employee morale, productivity as well as downtime.

 Identifying Your Needs

  • What is the size and typically how heave are the loads that you need to move (three thousand to thirty-five thousand lbs. or more)?
  • What is the height that you need to be lifting the goods?
  • Will you be using the forklift, outside, inside, or both?
  • How much room is at your disposal for manoeuvring the machine (consider the width of your narrowest isles)?
  • How many hours a day will it be operated?

Used Versus New

If the forklift is going to be used for longer than four hours a day, then a new machine is going to be your best bet.

Fuel Considerations

Electric-operated forklifts get their power from large batteries that typically have a life expectancy for eight-hour shifts. With the latest 80-volt electrics, you can have the benefit of owning a machine at a low cost, and it does a similar job than the internal combustion forklift. Although their acquisition costs are generally higher, the operating costs are less, plus they have fewer moving parts that need to be maintained, meaning they have a longer lifespan. The only negative is that the batteries need to be recharged; therefore, you might need a recharging station and charge up can take up to eight hours with a cooling period of eight hours. With new technologies, you can purchase fast-charging batteries which reduce the charging time. Operations who have two or three shifts may need to stock up on additional batteries.

When you’re considering a new forklift in Winston-Salem, keep in mind that electric forklifts are not suitable for outdoor use particularly not in rainy conditions. Forklifts with combustion engines can operate on gasoline, liquid propane, diesel or liquid natural gas. They are more affordable, but the operation costs are higher due to fuel and refueling of stations. These forklifts can handle loads exceeding eleven thousand lbs and typically has superior speed an acceleration.


Forklifts are equipped with cushion tires which are made from cushioned, solid rubber or pneumatic tires which are inflated. Or you have an option of solid pneumatic tires which is a combination of the other two. Cushion tires are ideal for interior use, whereas pneumatic is best for outdoor use. Solid pneumatic tires can withstand harsh conditions on rough terrain.

Consider Adding On Features

When you’re considering buying a forklift, you need to consider other options like including truck ergonomics with several attachments that can further customize and safeguard your forklift.

Choosing A Dealer

Make sure you give this decision careful consideration as you need to buy from a dealer with thorough knowledge of the different forklift options and which ones are best suited for your operation. You’re also looking for a dealer that offers exceptional after-sales service that can hopefully continue doing business with you long-term.

Evaluating Your Choices

If you’re unsure about which option is going to suit your business the best, make sure you’re consulting with a dealer about possible renting options of the different brands and models to assess which one you want to buy.

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