5 Things To Consider When Buying Car Polish

It is not as easy as just laying wax and your car’s paint job and going. It’s going to take time, just like when you are cooking; you have to prepare your food. This is the same way. You need to prepare your surface. Having a nice clean surface to work with is the most Import thing you can do. The below are the important points you need to consider in best car polish for your beautiful vehicle.

Pre-wash, To Get A Lot Of The Sediment Off:

If you do not already have it in your arsenal of car washing products, and nice clay bar the purpose of the clay bar, which comes in varying colors, is to pull up and remove what may be sitting on top of the paint and will not let the paint adhere. The clay bar will not damage the paint but will make it silky smooth, so make you to have fun with it.


Do not let what you see on television fool you. Do not and I repeat do not think that if you add half the bottle that is going to make your car shine like a copper penny. Wrong! Remember keep it simple apply small amounts to a small area. And then proceed to move on. Why? The wax has to set up or in this case it needs time to get a little hazy. Once you see it start to get a tad cloudy, buff it out and watch that shine appear like the day you go it.

Now You Can Add More Wax

Why did we not do it the first time? It needs time, remember this is a process, do not that you can rush it. Here is where you take a step back and look at some trouble areas. Or even take a look at where you may want to add a second coat. Once you have identified those areas, apply, let it haze, buff out, and step back and look at what you have achieved.


Yes, microfiber. Just because you bought those awesome bath towels, does not mean they are good for a cars paint job after all the waxing you have already done. Using the wrong towel will destroy the paint. Buy yourself a good pack of microfiber towels, wash them and keep them dry, they will last.

Time To Buff

This is where all that hard work has paid off. This is where you can take your time with it and see it all pay off. Remember just like when you add the wax and it was done is a nice slow even fashion. This has to be done in that same exact way. If you get to a point when it’s a tough to come and you have to rub too hard. Add a little water to the top of it, and it will make it a lot easier for it to remove and continue.


The most important thing to remember, it is never about the type of polish you buy for your car. When you look at the ingredients they are all virtually the same. The one big difference is, you. If you are not following a process and taking your time with it, buying an expensive polish will be all for nothing.

Reference: How To Polish Your Car

Best Car Polish For Your Beautiful Vehicle

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