Are You Looking For A New 1300 Number For Your New Auto Repair Shop Business?

Without using a correct mode of communication, you just cannot operate your business in the right way. While you can certainly get things started by a regular landline service, you can do much better with the help of a 1300 number. Premium phone numbers can serve as a marketing tool and boost credibility as well. It works for every business, but you should seriously think of taking advantage of this service when you have an auto repair shop.

Answering your calls properly will help make a good first impression, which is of immense importance for an auto repair shop. Many people think every automotive aftermarket business is a scam, so it really helps to take steps that would improve your credibility and make you look like a professional. Using a 1300 number for Australia will help you achieve that goal.

However, it is important to bear in mind that a new 1300 number offers many benefits, but you may not always need it. For instance, if your goal is to make and receive calls, you may do well with your regular phone number. You may want to make this investment though if you want to improve your business presence while improving the call handling process. If you have decided to make use of a 1300 number, be sure to consider the following points:

  • Consider spending some extra cash to order a Smart Number. These numbers work better because they are usually based on the alphanumeric keypad. You can select a number that is a combination of digits representing your auto repair shop name. Using these numbers would help promote your business and generate a better response rate from all your marketing campaigns.
  • Be sure to discuss all your routing options before putting your money on a 1300 number. Some plans may let you redirect your calls to 1300 numbers to any of your existing phone services. Others may allow you to route those calls to a live answering service. Some additional services may cost more, so be sure to check these options in advance.
  • Learn more about a service provider’s geographic routing schemes. It is better to opt for a provider that can help customize your routing schemes as per the change in your business needs. A provider with flexible routing schemes will prove more beneficial for your auto repair shop business.
  • Double check the total cost of buying a 1300 number for your auto repair shop. Some service providers offer plans at rock bottom monthly pricing but do not make a hasty decision. Ensure that you have checked the whole package and read the fine print carefully. Also, ensure that you have selected a flexible package that you can cancel anytime you want.

In addition, you should also consider if it is better to buy your 1300 number or lease it. Your budget will help you make a decision. Just be sure to consider all these points before you opt for a new 1300 number for your auto repair shop.